NIKE Design and Production Center
Ho Chi Minh

該建築是為知名運動鞋廠設計的集研發辦公, 工廠加工為一體的工業建築。從工廠作業流水 線和不同組別的研發組團的功能特性出發,結 合考慮當地炎熱濕潤的氣候條件對通風和遮陽 的要求,將兩層通高的長條形的大型工廠車間 南北向布置,在北面沿著工廠的長邊由西向東 垂直插入一個個兩層高的研發辦公單元樓,相 鄰單元樓和廠房圍合成一面開放的院落空間, 院子的北面有天橋將單元樓在二樓連接,加強 院落的圍合感;最東面的一個單元樓最長,為 三層高,底層完全架空,北端跨在一個與廠房 平行的入口景觀水池智商,是作為整個鞋廠建 築的主入口及行政辦公樓。

整個建築以研發辦公單元為模矩,將傳統的大 廠房空間在立面和屋頂天窗構成上劃分成若幹 塊,每一個模矩裏都有一個和辦公單元插入位 置相對應的用來拔風散熱的屋頂天窗,形成了 內部采光和外部造型的韻律感;同時各個研發 單元之間形成有層次的院落空間,種植熱帶植 物和水景形成陰涼舒適的微環境,並通過在大 廠房沿著北立面布置的一二樓走廊和院子北面的天橋,形成了圍繞著院落的多角度休閑觀景 的豐富步行體驗。

工廠區間和研發辦公樓的東西立面因遮陽的需 要,均為紅磚砌的實墻面,並配合錯位鏤空砌 磚,在豐富的立面形象的同時為室內帶來通過 轉動濾過後的柔和光線。
For a school that has nearly two thousands stu- dents and 50 classes, the challenge is how to make spaces of appropriate scale for children of smaller groups to have their spatial identities. Rather than using large scaled linear or L-shaped mid-rise blocks that conventional school design does, this project interlocks, rotate and overlap single leveled linear module of blocks, create a series of inter-connected small courtyard unit of 10 by 10 meters.

This layout managed to have classrooms on the ground level have their own courtyard and tree, while those on the upper levels have their own terrace garden. Each four classrooms would be able to share a big tree, sand pit, deck garden and veranda in their won courtyard cluster. Children thereforewould not always have to rush along the hallway and run several flights of stairs down to the large playground during the short recess time. The classrooms on the upper level are all facing south, so to provide shading for classrooms on the lower level facing east and west. It intend to create rich spatial experiences for the school like a village, al- low children to wonder and explore, running along alleys and streets, learning and growing up in-be- tween spaces of large and small.

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