The design challenges the conventional design for sport facilities-usually of long-span and large volumes, competition oriented, and intend to create a sequential water courtyards with hierarchy of spaces. It re-program the facilities into different size of pools: L, M, S, and XS, adopting various scales for different age groups and different ways of “swimming”, therefore, cultivates all students be able to enjoy and appreciate a spatial culture of water, rather than having a facilities designed only for the sporty kids. The array of colonnades and contrast of solid and void make the architectural form a strong hold at the end of the campus plaza, meanwhile, generating a series of slopes and decks opened the building up to the student’s activities in its foregrounds. The building also intends to be facilities that would be able to “breath”- be able to open itself up completely during the summer and close off during the winter. By breaking the boundary of indoor and outdoor, creating intermediate spaces of veranda, it increases the volume of building for the summer and reduces its volume that needed heating system during the winter.